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FirstPEX is the first Private Equity online auction platform, available to any private or public party looking to auction or to buy non-listed shares. Ideal for start-ups or other companies seeking investment capital or to entrepreneurs wanting to retire from their business, this Swiss Fintech company also caters for service providers, allowing them to offer added value during the appraisal, due diligence, pricing and completion stages of the transaction.

DevFactory developed it using Laravel and focused great attention onto the intricate processes involved in the auctioning industry.

After many months of dedicated development, DevFactory succeeded in delivering a turnkey solution to its customer. The FirstPEX platform combines all the necessary elements and procedures to auctioning non-listed shares: a state-of-the-art company and services management system, a dedicated auction environment with its proper instruments and features, an advanced internal messaging program, an easy and efficient online payment tool as well as an innovative notification system.

The platform comes with a complete back-office administration system that gives full operational autonomy to the customer.

Technologies: Laravel, HTML, CSS, Angular, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap