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Devfactory was founded in Lausanne in 2012 by two compelling web minds: Greg Marineau and Alcindo Da Costa. Having met each other at one of Switzerland’s leading media companies, their passion for web development brought them together under one roof.

It didn’t take long for Devfactory to become a major player in Switzerland serving exclusive clients with worldwide footprints.

In 2015, Devfactory attracts the attention of international entrepreneur, Thierry Petersen, who joined the company with the objective of uniting portfolio growth and global strategic partnership, creating an even more rigorous environment for promoting creativity and innovation within the company.

You have the idea

We have the skills

Web Design

Our strength resides in creating, slicing and adapting a graphic line that will subtly blend emotion with relevance. Just a few images will already convey a feel of how your website will look like.


Have you already sketched fancy design models? We will code the corresponding HTML, CSS or JavaScript source so that you can quickly look at the first dynamic version of your website.


We want you to keep the control of your website substance and functionalities: our team is here to create the motor, install the wheels and give you the keys to the cockpit.

Web Apps

From dedicated intranets and customized network portals to internet applications, electronic business environments and online payment infrastructures, DevFactory strives in any complex environment with efficiency.

Maintenance & hosting

Your website needs a home. We keep it perfectly safe and swiftly accessible at anytime through our restricted, dedicated servers.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become a necessity in today’s product presentation and delivery environments. The one we will create together is certified to be effortlessly operating on all mobile systems.

Digital Marketing

As certified Hubspot specialists, we help our clients generate more leads and grow their revenue with innovative methods, including Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales.

The team

Our brightest, funkiest


Managing Partner
Mark Cameron


Partner & Lead Developer
Greg Marineau


Partner & Lead Developer


Web Designer


Web Developer


Office Manager

Let's go global

We are everywhere

Teaming up with Middle East Design and Multimedia Agency

Devfactory strives to strategically develop innovative business areas and new partnerships both on national and international levels. We believe that a unique and sustainable alliance with partners who blend in-depth knowledge of world cultures and trends goes a long way in establishing a strong global footprint and shared success.

Based in Lebanon, Douze Degres is one of the leading design and multimedia agencies in the Middle East. Douze Degres offers bespoke services to start-ups, small businesses and highly influential companies in the Middle East region, including the UAE, the kingdoms of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan.

By combining cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art creative methods, Douze Degres demonstrates its unparalleled dedication and continuous support to its customers’ success. Douze Degres has written some captivating digital success stories with their clients and are proud to be currently working with over 50 reputed institutions from different MENA countries and industries.

We welcome Douze Degres onboard and look forward to exciting times ahead!

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