"Small is beautiful" - A small team bubbling with big ideas

Team spirit, cohesion, and close collaboration amongst us are our strengths! And it is on these human aspects that the Dev'Team relies to achieve your goals.

With the experience of several hundred mandates achieved spanning nearly two decades in digital development, our approach remains the same: we are constantly and comprehensively by your side, from the initial design architecture and mockups to the operational implementation of your specifications, to ensure that we perfectly understand and achieve your objectives and guarantee the best possible results.

“Since I joined the ranks of DevFactory, I have been constantly impressed by the high level of professionalism and the creative effervescence that drives our Dev'Team.

We are continuously exploring new avenues in programming and web development while staying at the forefront of the latest evolutions in our rich technological and digital ecosystem, including those particular to Artificial Intelligence, various functionalities of which we are now beginning to provide to our clients.

These efforts translate into ongoing success for our clients, thereby reinforcing our leadership in the digital sector in Switzerland” !

Thierry Petersen
Senior Partner